Have you ever faced a situation that you didn't know what to do about it?


  • Have your family or friends been unsupportive of your walk with Christ?
  • Have you ever had a tough time forgiving someone for an offense they committed against you?
  • Have you ever thought, “Why am I having so much trouble in my flesh when I am living and walking with Christ?”

Have you ever felt like just giving up?

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Many Christians have experienced issues just like these, but the good news is, God gives us answers when we pray.

With Right Now Prayers: Prayers for Strength and Healing, you will get real-life prayers for ‘right now situations’ by real people, just like you. Whether the situation is a need for healing or a resolution to a financial problem, this book contains a ‘Right Now Prayer’ to help you handle it.

Written by a powerful prayer warrior and other faithful members of his prayer group, you will be encouraged to know that people just like you are going through trials – and emerging victorious!

These prayers will touch your soul and agree with your Spirit. You will use these prayers over and over again at different times in your walk in Christ – and be strengthened and encouraged every time.

You will build your faith and increase your confidence in God when you have a Right Now Prayer at your fingertips.

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